Massage Therapy

“There is no substitute for the human touch.”

60 Minute Signature Massage$85
60 Minute Hot Stone Massage$105
30 Minute Neck & Back Massage$50
45 Minute Neck, Back and Foot Massage$60
Add Deep Tissue to any Service+$30


Massage improves blood flow to the muscles and brain, invigorates them and makes them capable of producing energy once more.”

Kim & Co’s massage therapist specialize in many modalities, such as Acupressure, Shiatsu, Thai yoga, Pregnancy, Reflexology, Neuromuscular, Cranial Sacral, deep tissue, Trager, Swedish, Reiki, Meridian and Chakra balancing ;which results in a healthier more disease-resistant body

You and your therapist can discuss which is best for your particular situation and need; more than one modality can be used in your custom massage.

Hot stones and crystals may be added to your massage, these add an enhanced level of relaxation that releases excess tension using warmed river rocks. This method invites spirituality into the massage, greatly renewing the mind & spirit while increasing circulation & vitality.